Corruption: What signals are we sending?

This piece got its life from the well articulated article of Chimeziri Franklin titled “Rochas political brand, damaged at IMSU” published in The Guardian, November 6, 2016. The article revolves around the frustration and predicaments of IMSU students borne from corrupt elements in the university system. It is important to note that the picture of corruption Franklin painted in the Institution is no doubt very pathetic. But, that is what we see every day in the larger polity called Nigeria. Perhaps, that was why President Muhammadu Buhari during his election campaign promised zero tolerance on corruption.

May he find the strength, courage and support to fight the monster.

To be able to fight corruption we must put aside all the sentiments, politics and propaganda that always characterise our way of life when government tends to bring officials alleged to be corrupt to book. Besides, the government should change from the old habit, tradition and manner they chose to fight corruption as it usually tilts towards those in the opposition. Even in the event of probe with regards to those caught in the web of the EFCC or any anti-graft agencies for an alleged corruption case, the rich and wealthy ones are treated with kid gloves and pampered. Sometimes the case could last longer than expected or may go on for eternity taking a twist and turn. It may end as debacle.


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